Electricity and Natural Gas in New Jersey

Take control of your gas and electric costs!

Our utilities:

  • PSEG

Since 1999, New Jersey has been a deregulated energy market – New Jersey residents are allowed to pick a third-party supplier for gas and electricity. Energy suppliers are encourage to compete for a customer’s business rather by providing a variety of plans, better rates, and first-class customer service.

Regardless of the supplier a customer chooses, there is no interruption in service and no change in billing – the local utility still delivers the energy through their wires and pipelines. The transportation and delivery of the energy remains safely regulated by the state. Click here to learn more about energy deregulation.


Why CenStar Energy?

When you sign up with CenStar energy, the only change you will notice is the rate on your bill.

  • Options beyond the utility – we offer competitive plans and pricing for residents and businesses of all sizes. Get seasonal price protection for 6, 12, or 24 months.
  • In-house customer service team – our in-house customer service team is dedicated to clear communication and resolving all issues. Click here to get in touch.
  • Experienced team – for years, we have been supplying power for New York, New Jersey, and Ohio.