Property Managers

Hundreds of commercial office and residential apartment building owners and property managers throughout New York State rely on CenStar Energy as their preferred electric and gas supplier, because we offer customized solutions that allow them to maximize savings opportunities.

Pricing Options

  • Variable Contract: Just like your local utility, we provide floating rates based on current market conditions. We have been saving customers on this rate plan with competitive pricing, no fees, no term and no commitment.
  • NYMEX and NYISO Plus Basis: Lock-in a fixed basis and pay for the commodity supply per the closing price of the NYMEX/NYISO contract for each month of the contract period. Basis is the price between NYMEX/NYISO pricing point and utility city gate. This option works best for customers who expect market prices to decline and want to avoid locking in at current market rates.
  • Fixed Rates: Select 6, 12 or 24 month lock-ins. Fixed pricing is forecasted based on your monthly consumption and can be beneficial to limiting your exposure to risk if market prices rise. This budget certainty is perfect for small business owners on a budget.
  • Hybrid Contracts: These individualized pricing solutions combine indexed, fixed and variable rates to suit your needs.

Call us today (877-529-6701) and speak with one of our energy market professionals to learn more about our rates and the business product offerings that best meet your specific needs.