Stay Cool – July Energy Savings Tip

Stay Cool This Summer Without Emptying Your Wallet

Summertime is here and air conditioners will be getting a workout, and so will your wallet as you try to keep your home cool and comfortable. As the summer temperature heats up the efficiency of air conditioning units tends to drop significantly. There are some simple, smart and cost effective ways to stay cool this summer without feeling the financial heat.

1. Inspect and Clean Air Conditioners
To achieve optimal performance inspect, clean and tune-up air conditioning units at least once a year. This will cut down on energy consumption and reduce your energy bill.

2. Replace Filters Regularly
Replace air conditioner filters monthly. A dirty filter restricts air flow making the air conditioning unit work much harder to keep the room cool.

3. Use Ceiling and Standing Fans
Consider using a ceiling or floor fan in addition to your air conditioner. Fans use less energy and will reduce the strain and cost of running your air conditioner at lower settings.