CenStar Energy Savings Affinity Program

A Unique Way to Fundraise

Censtar Affinity Program helps your school or organization

Like manna from heaven, thousands of dollars in new revenue will rain on your congregation or school from the unlikeliest of sources: the utility bill.

CenStar Energy has successfully developed energy savings affinity programs for temples, churches and schools.It’s pretty simple. Members of the congregation or fans of the school enroll their business or home. At the same time CenStar will aggregate the total usage of the affinity members and send a monthly rebate check to the congregation or school to help defray its energy bill.

  • Unique fundraising opportunity for your organization
  • Personalized CenStar Energy marketing materials, website and URL
  • Dedicated account manager for sign-ups, questions and customer service
  • Monthly activity report provides a proactive revenue sharing opportunity

Do you have a large sanctuary, library, multiple classrooms, dormitories or multi-use buildings that are often open day and night? Are your energy bills averaging more than $5,000 a month to heat and cool the building(s)?

If you have a question about one of the CenStar Energy Savings Affinity Programs and how it can benefit you and your institution, please call us at 877-529-6701 or email info@censtarenergy.com